Process Improvement

We are constantly on the lookout for ways to improve our program.

After thoroughly examining the root causes of an issue, we take immediate action to improve and prevent reoccurrences. This way, we continually enhance our program and strengthen our controls.

Consequences of Misconduct

Without consequences for misconduct, rules and regulations carry little weight.

We apply consistent and meaningful disciplinary actions when wrongdoing is uncovered. Sanctions are swift and fair and the consequences are unbiased i.e. regardless of the person’s position within the company or their performance.

Independent Compliance Monitor

We have ongoing external validation of our ethics and compliance program.

Engaged in agreement with the World Bank, the Independent Compliance Monitor reports directly to the World Bank on a bi-annual basis about our progress. He reviews the implementation and effectiveness of our Ethics & Compliance Program, measuring it against the World Bank’s Integrity Compliance Guidelines. He also offers recommendations for further improvements.

Ethics & Compliance Team

We have a group of professionals solely dedicated to ethics and compliance.

Our global compliance team is a dedicated group of professionals, including compliance officers for each business sector, function and for region in which our company operates. They are responsible for developing, implementing and maintaining an effective ethics and compliance program that reaches all our activities, is integrated into our operations and supports our business sectors.



For compliance advice or any other question, please email the Compliance Consultation Center.