Clean Power

Clean Power

We are committed to clean air and CO2 reductions.

Clean power is where SNC-Lavalin made  mark over 100 years ago while the energy sector was undergoing a major transformation. Today, as a new energy paradigm emerges, we continue to deliver on hydroelectric, transmission and distribution projects, which play strategic roles in the energy sector, while also focusing on Clean Power projects and technologies that will shape our future. 

We  can take on your ambitious mandates and offer stand-alone or combined services and solutions. We design, deliver and even finance hydro, wind, solar, transmission and distribution, and energy storage projects, regardless of project size, environmental conditions or location. You can count on our experience, our innovative professionals and our superior customer service as we take on your strategic projects and help you deliver secure, sustainable electricity. 


The Digital Utility Transformation

The digitalization of utilities will result in efficiency improvements for utilities and consumers. It optimizes the supply and demand of electric power, and helps manage the increasing number of renewable energy sources and micro grids while allowing for proactive asset management.  Digital transformation comes with many challenges. This includes critical infrastructure protection, cybersecurity, energy storage, load management, intelligent networks and system planning. Our comprehensive and cross-disciplinary knowledge in these areas will help you derive the full benefits of digitization.  

Adaptive Project Solutions

With a relentless drive to understand and meet our clients’ expectations, our approach to power projects includes:

  • planning
  • feasibility study 
  • engineering
  • financing
  • procurement 
  • construction 
  • start-up
  • operations & maintenance capabilities


Whether you need complete public-private partnership solutions, or a single high-value service, our agility, attention to detail and our commitment will see the project through to successful completion.