Working with you throughout the full nuclear lifecycle

SNC-Lavalin is your trusted long-term partner for nuclear. Our long history and global track record sets us apart for your new build, mid-life refurbishment, operations & maintenance, end of life decommissioning and waste management – no matter your choice of nuclear technology. Trust us to develop and use the latest technology and tools, innovate and develop industry best practices to manage technically complex challenges with precision.

“The appetite for clean power continues to grow. Nuclear is a trusted energy source sustaining growing populations around the world in a green manner that contributes to clean air and global CO2 reduction. We built a culture of excellence that looks after your nuclear needs by ensuring everything we do aligns with the highest international standards.”

Sandy Taylor

President, Nuclear

We’re your associates in providing you regulatory guidance, new reactor designs, new build work, O&M services and parts, life-extension work, decommissioning and waste management, just to name a few. 

In 2017, we became one of the most complete nuclear services companies in the world. Strategic acquisitions and partnership agreements have built us a nuclear practice that matters to you. With more lines of business, we now provide complete end-to-end offerings for the entire life cycle from cradle-to-grave. We're well positioned to design and engineer the next generation of nuclear power plants, including CANDU® reactors and small modular reactors (SMRs) when size or remoteness is a factor. We continue to maintain existing generating fleets, project manage and perform life extensions, and design, advise and install technology upgrades. When the time comes, we will help safely decommission and manage the waste from legacy facilities. 

Our long history of growth has made us one of the world’s biggest nuclear service provider. Research and development with trusted industry partners have generated offerings that influence and lead the industry. This includes working with and developing alternate fuels like recycled uranium, mixed oxide and thorium, as well as Tier 1 contracts for the management and decommissioning of nuclear sites in the United States and Canada. We connect innovation with excellence in our ability to develop cutting-edge technologies for nuclear waste management as well as a full suite of advanced robotic tooling and nuclear-grade products including pump seals.

Our safety practices are intrinsic to our success in decommissioning, waste management and remediation work.  Our size and reach helps us properly resource large jobs and draw from the best expertise around the globe and support reactor types around the world. 

Our customers and partners will echo our commitment to our high standards, impeccable attention to safety and obsession for quality. Highlights of our work:

  • Life extension at Argentina’s Embalse Nuclear Station
  • ITER – world's largest experimental nuclear fusion reactor new build in France 
  • US Department of Energy’s depleted uranium conversion facility 
  • Advanced fuels – fuel-flexible reactors, capable of using recycled uranium and thorium for fuel
  • UAE’s nuclear new build program in Barakah
  • Extensive knowledge of legislative and regulatory frameworks in the UK, Middle East, Canada, US and Asia-Pacific

Explore our full roster of services

  • Design and construction of new build nuclear reactors, including but not limited to, our proprietary CANDU® technology
  • Reactor maintenance and life extension
  • Customized plant life management
  • Decommissioning
  • Waste management and treatment
  • SMR (small modular reactor) consultancy
  • Natural uranium equivalent fuel
  • Engineering, procurement, construction management 
  • Products and tooling 
  • Nuclear facilities management
  • Full range of nuclear regulatory consultancy and training.
  • Extensive knowledge of legislative and regulatory frameworks required to operate existing plants and develop new nuclear in commercial and federal markets worldwide, including Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)-licensed fuel cycle and isotope production facilities.